Lite Cure Companion Therapy Laser CTS -15
$29,950 New. Asking $11,950

A friend’s father, a veterinarian, bought this laser a couple of years before he retired, but did not use it very much. He has since died and this laser is being sold as part of his estate.

The manufacturer’s description can be found here:  http://www.litecure.com/companion/ourproduct/cts/
“Our most powerful laser available allows you to better leverage your time with patients.  SmartCoat™ Plus technology provides you with pre-set and ready-to-administer protocols designed by experts.  A comprehensive library of treatment protocols customizes care for a wide range of conditions.  Informative 3-D animations and a user-friendly touch screen help you educate clients.  Optional surgical kit is available for minor or endoscopic surgical procedures.”

“Delivery of the optimal therapeutic dose to the damaged tissue is the key to effective results. Coat length, coat color, body type and skin pigmentation significantly affect the penetration of all therapy lasers. Smart Coat™ Plus technology provides patient-specific protocols based on individual characteristics. Personalize your treatments with Smart Coat™ Plus and achieve consistent results.”

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